Insights Into the Camp of Israel

Let's see if we can find Jesus in the "Blah blah blah" of Numbers 2 by comparing scripture with scripture!!!


A Basic Study of Questions in the Bible

Who asks them?  Why are they asked?  Are there noticeable patterns?  Can you list the major divisions of the scriptures by heart?


5 Levitical Offerings - Overview Chart

Finding the hidden message of Christ's Blood and Righteousness in the "boring" chapters of Leviticus!


The Beatitudes vs. The Woe Unto's

Beginning vs. End Differences in Jesus' balanced approach with public Israel


Pentateuch Cheat Sheet

An easy way to begin to understand & remember the 5 books of Moses


ABC's of Bible Sense

A few rules of sound Bible interpretation to keep in mind when reading and studying it.  (2Tim 2:15, Acts 17:11; John 5:39)

The New Testament Book Order Subtly Embedded in the Pentateuch (Genesis-Deuteronomy)

In this chart study, we examine the broad themes of the first five Mosaic books in the Old Testament and note some interesting parallels to the New Testament books and their order.


Gold, Siver, & Brass in the Tabernacle

Can you see the purification of sinful man (Brass) as he approaches God (Gold) through the redemption paid by Jesus Christ (Silver)?


A study of the Color Blue

Of 50 occurrences of this word in the BIble, only ONE defines blue outside of a descriptive color.  Interestingly, this color does not occur in the New Testament neither the book of Leviticus.  Blue may actually be God's favorite color.  Learn about this color via basic observations and comparing scripture with scripture!


The Witch of Endor

Analysis, thoughts, patterns, and open questions for further study on this interesting topic.


Let's Calculate Jesus' Birthday

from the data in the scriptures

This study has two parts.  First we calculate what we know relative to the course of Abijah.  Next we have to try to approximate when that course took place and count forward by 15 months to arrive at Jesus birth month/season.  This chart derives the first calculation from the Book of Luke.


The Jewish Calendar & The Feasts

Handy chronological chart summary of the Jewish Feasts in the OT.


The 4 Watches of the Night

Mark 13:35-37


The Miracles of Jesus

Reconciled between the 4 Gospels


Tabulated Summary of The Red Heifer in the OT


Paul's Missionary Journeys

Read through the book of Acts with a print of this simple map by your side.  Highlight every geographical city or area mentioned as your trace the storylines, and the book will come alive with new insights!


Paul's Missionary Journeys region shown in the context of the whole world

All the action happened in this rectangle.


Paul's Missionary Journeys region, Modern Day Map

These are the modern day nations which span the region of Paul's travels.


Palestine in the Time of Christ

Clean, handy map to locate cities mentioned in the Gospels, including Bethabara!


Canaan Divided to the 12 Tribes of Israel

Clean, handy map to use for OT studies, including Shiloh- Is it a city, or a person (Gen 49:10) or both?


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